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Trip Report: Saddleback Mountain, Saddleback Horn

On a long-lost ski area. Saddleback Mountain, 4120 feet. Saddleback Horn, 4023 feet. Sandy River Plantation, Franklin County, Maine. Temps ranged between 70 and 85 degrees, sunny/cloudy, pleasantly breezy above tree line. RH approx 50% When I was doing the 48, having a dozen or so peaks left felt different than now, doing the 67. It just feels like there’s less weight… less of an urgency to finish. But finish […]

Trip Report: Seek the Peak 2018

A peak was sought. And so much more was found. Mt Washington; 6288 feet. Sargent’s Purchase, NH 80 dF at trailhead, 75 dF at summit. Sunny/hazy skies and 50 miles visibility. Very light intermittent breezes at summits — approximately 2-4 MPH. Via the Tuckerman Ravine trail, and Lion Head trail. Trailhead: 1230. Summit: 1530. Left summit: 1600. Car: 1830. Approximately 9 miles. I’m a sucker for a good cause. Given […]

Trip Report: Mt Abraham and Mt Ellen

A long twofer. Mt Abraham, 4006 feet. Mt Ellen, 4083 feet. Lincoln, VT. 80 dF at trailhead, 80 dF at summits. Sunny/hazy skies and 30 miles visibility. Very light intermittent breezes at summits — approximately 2 MPH. Via the Long trail. Trailhead: 1040. Abraham Summit, 1215. Ellen Summit: 1440. Car: 1840. Approximately 12 miles. It felt longer than it was; certainly for “only” two peaks. I’m still nursing an injury, […]

Trip Report: Camel’s Hump

A fine day for a short hike!  Camel’s Hump Mountain, 4083 feet. Huntington, VT. With a side trip to the B-24 bomber wreckage. 75 dF at trailhead, approx 80 dF at summit. Sunny skies and 30 miles visibility. Breezy at summit — approximately 5-10 MPH. Via Burrow’s, Alpine, and Long trail. Trailhead: 1100; Summit, 1215. B-24 wreckage: 1245. Car: 1500. Approximately 6 miles. On the one hand, not having the […]

Trip Report: Mt Mansfield

And so it begins again… Mt Mansfield Chin, 4,395 feet. Underhill, VT. With a hike along the ridge to the Forehead. 82 dF at trailhead, approx 88 dF at summit. Hazy to start, giving way to mostly sunny skies and 20 miles visibility. Breezy at summit — approximately 10-15 MPH. Via Eagle Cut trail, CCC road, Sunset Ridge trail, Long Trail, and Halfway House trail. Trailhead: 1020, The Chin: 1300, […]

Trip report: Mt Moosilauke

Short, hard, but sweet! (Yet hazy!) Mt Moosilauke. Approx 9 miles. 4,802 feet. 60 dF at trailhead, approx 60 dF at summits, 30 MPH winds above tree line. Sunny throughout, with a hazy overcast sky. Visibility approx 10 miles, max. Very windy at the summit — approximately 25-30 MPH. Trailhead: 0900. Summit: 1115. Car: 1330. This couldn’t have been more straightforward. Hike Glencliff trail up and down. It’s not “hard” […]

Trip Report: Jefferson, Adams, Madison

It was a long, hard day. Mt Jefferson, Mt Adams, Mt Madison. 2018-06-16 (Saturday.) Via the Sylvan Way, Amphibrach, Randolph Path, Jefferson Loop, Gulfslide Trail, and Valley Way. Approx 14 miles. Jefferson 5,716 ft, Adams 5,799 ft, Madison 5,366 ft. 60 dF at trailhead, approx 60 dF at summits, 30 MPH winds above tree line. Sunny throughout, with a bit of hazy overcast sky. Trailhead: 0930. Jefferson summit: 1415. Adams […]

Trip Report: Mt Cabot, Mt Waumbek

Dynamic Duo! Oh wow, yeah, dynamic. Mt Cabot and Mt Waumbek. 2018-06-12 (Tuesday.) Via the York Pond trail, Bunnell Notch trail, Killkenny Ridge trail, also the Starr-King trail. Approx 17 miles. Cabot, 4170; Waumbek, 4006 feet. 60 dF at Cabot trailhead, low 70s at the summits. Sunny, becoming partly cloudy in the afternoon. 25 MPH winds, mediated by consistent tree cover. Cabot trailhead: 0900. Cabot Summit: 1135. Car: 1330. Waumbek […]

Trip Report: Mt Hancock, North and South

Simple, Sublime, Satisfying. Short and sweet. Mt Hancock and South Hancock. 2018-06-07 (Thursday.) Via the Hancock Notch trail, Cedar Brook trail, Hancock Loop trail.. Approx 10 miles. North Hancock, 4420; South Hancock, 4319 feet. 65 dF at trailhead, cooler at the summit. Cloudy, becoming partly cloudy in the afternoon. Trailhead: 1200. North Hancock Summit: 1450. South Hancock Summit: 1540. Car: 1730. It was an inauspicious start. I’d slept through my […]