Mt Moosilauke

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Trip Report: Mt Moosilauke

Mt Moosilauke. Benton, NH. 2019-01-17 (Thursday.) Via Glencliff Trail, Approx 8 miles, including South Peak. 1 dF +/- at the trailhead, 5 dF at summit, with negligible winds in the trees, approx 25 MPH wind at the summit. Unbridled sunshine throughout the day.   Trailhead: 1000; Moosilauke Summit: 1300; South Summit: 1330; back at car: 1500. (Approx. 5 hours.)  I’ll probably have more to write shortly, but the day was amazing […]

Trip report: Mt Moosilauke

Short, hard, but sweet! (Yet hazy!) Mt Moosilauke. Approx 9 miles. 4,802 feet. 60 dF at trailhead, approx 60 dF at summits, 30 MPH winds above tree line. Sunny throughout, with a hazy overcast sky. Visibility approx 10 miles, max. Very windy at the summit — approximately 25-30 MPH. Trailhead: 0900. Summit: 1115. Car: 1330. This couldn’t have been more straightforward. Hike Glencliff trail up and down. It’s not “hard” […]