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Gear Review: Granite Gear Lutsen 35 Backpack

OK, so it’s not “new” per se. I’ve had it for several months now — at least since Owl’s Head…  To say it’s been doing yeoman’s duty is an understatement. To say it’s not said “boo” to me in all these miles is similar. Packs are highly personal pieces of gear. Let’s get that out of the way. That being said, while humans come in different shapes and sizes, everyone […]

White Mountain Guide Online shutting down

The AMC is discontinuing the WMG Online site as of the end of September. Currently, they’re no longer accepting new subscriptions. If you have saved routes, they’ll continue to be accessible until the end of September, but expect them to be gone after that. Similarly, if you were thinking about a trip, time to start drawing up and exporting maps. Current subscribers will get prorated refunds as appropriate. Right now, […]

Gear Review: Salomon XA Pro 3D

Last week, coming back from Zealand Falls hut, I was noticing that with every step, I was feeling an odd twinge in my knees. It wasn’t a pain, per se, but the fact that I’d been wearing a four pound pair of hiking boots all day was becoming acutely apparent. I’d read a paper describing research the British Ministry of Defence did back in the mid-80s, where they found that […]

Gear Review: Insoles

De feet can defeat de feat!  I’d been having minor issues with foot pain recently. So after speaking with my doc about this, he suggested replacing the insoles in my boots with a more padded one. Feet can be weird. Something that’s being affected in one part of your foot can manifest as pain somewhere completely different. When you think about it, no matter how much weight you shave from […]