Spring Hiking

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Trip Report: Owl’s Head Mountain

Long. Slow. Oddly, interesting!  Owl’s Head Mountain, Lincoln, NH. 2018-17-05. (Thursday) Via Lincoln Brook Trail, Franconia Brook Trail, Owl’s Head Path, bushwhacks. Approx 18 miles.  50 dF +/- at the trailhead, 60 dF at summit, 70 dF +/- back at the car, with negligible winds. Overcast becoming mostly sunny by afternoon.  Trailhead: 0740; Summit; 1420; back at car: 1900. (11.3 hours.) In retrospect, I’m confused as to why this one […]

Shakeout Hike: Pack and North Pack Monadnock

Pack and North Pack Monadnock, via the Wapack Trail. Temple, NH.  75 dF, mostly sunny, light breeze.  3.7 miles; approximately 1 hour 45 minutes one-way.  Pack and North Pack with a new Pack. Last week’s trip to Eisenhower had a lingering effect. I’d fallen into a spruce trap and tweaked something in my foot. Not being one to slow down for something as trifling as a sports injury, I decided […]

Trip Report: Mt Eisenhower

I Hiked Ike!  Mt Eisenhower, Bretton Woods, NH. Cinco de Mayo, 2018-05-05. (Saturday) Via Edmands Path, Mt Eisenhower Loop. Approx 6 miles.  50 dF +/- at the trailhead, 45 dF at summit, with 20-25 MPH winds gusting to 35. Partly sunny becoming mostly sunny by afternoon.  Trailhead: 0950; Summit; 1340; back at car: 1550. (6 hours.) It was, in fact, a great day to be outside. The Higher Summits Forecast […]

Trip Report: Mt Webster, Mt Jackson, Mt Pierce

Troika! (And the first of the Presidentials.)  Mt Webster, Mt Jackson, Mt Pierce, Crawford Notch, NH. May Day, 2018-05-01. (Tuesday) Via Webster-Jackson trail, Webster Branch, Webster Ridge trail, Crawford Path. Approx 9.4 miles.  38 dF +/- at the trailhead, 45 dF at Mt Jackson summit, with 10-12 MPH winds. Heavy, wet fog. A brief parting of the clouds at mid afternoon, then mainly cloudy for the rest of the trip.   […]

Trip Report: Mt Tom, Mt Field, Mt Willey

A trifecta of summits Mt Tom, Mt Field, Mt Willey, Crawford Notch, NH. 2018-04-28. (Saturday) Via Mt Willard Trail, Avalon Trail, A-Z Trail, Willey Range Trail, Kedron Flume Trail. Approx 8.4 miles. 50 dF +/- at the trailhead, 58 dF at Mt Field summit, with negligible winds. Mix of clouds and sun.  Trailhead: 1015; Mt Tom Summit: 1240; Mt Field Summit: 1410; Mt Willey Summit; 1530; back at car: 1930. […]

Training Hike: Grand Monadnock

A beautiful day. Mt Monadnock, Jaffrey, NH. 2018-04-26. (Thursday) Via White Dot trail, and White Cross trail. Approx 4 miles. Mix of clouds and sun. Winds at the summit were in the 20-30 MPH range. 3 hours.  It was a nice day out. The snows are in major retreat all over — basically, this means the snowy areas are limited to the shady spots on the higher elevations. Microspikes are […]

Trip Report: Mt Galehead

A beautiful day of incongruities.  Mt Galehead, Bethlehem, NH. 2018-04-24. (Tuesday) Via Gale River trail, the Garfield Ridge trail, and the Frost trail, plus Gale River Loop road. Approx 13.4 miles. 60 dF +/- at the trailhead, 65 dF at the summit, with negligible winds. Mix of clouds and sun.  Gale River Loop Road: 0910; Trailhead: 0945; Galehead Hut: 1300; Summit: 1330; back at car: 1700. (Approx. 7 hours.) This […]

Trip Report: Mt Garfield

A pretty peak, on a pretty day.  Mt Garfield, Franconia, NH. 2018-04-21. (Saturday) Via Garfield trail, and the Garfield Ridge trail. Approx 12.5 miles. 40 dF +/- at the trailhead, 45 dF at the summit, with approx 10-15 MPH winds. Mix of clouds and sun.  Trailhead: 0945; Summit: 1310; back at car: 1630. (6.75 hours.) As I started down from the summit, it struck me that I’d have been really […]

Trip report: Mt Lincoln and Mt Lafayette

The Franconia Notch classic! Mt Lincoln and Mt Lafayette, Franconia, NH. 2018-04-02. (Monday) Via Falling Waters trail, Franconia Ridge trail, Greenleaf trail, and Old Bridle Path trail. Approx 9 miles. 30 dF +/- at the trailhead, 45 at the summits, with 4-6 MPH winds gusting to 10. Unbridled sunshine. Trailhead: 0900; Little Haystack summit: 1130; Mt Lincoln summit: 1210; Mt Lafayette summit: 1245;  Greenleaf hut: 1335; back at car: 1500. […]

Trip Report: Mt Liberty and Mt Flume

A perfect view from two! Mt Liberty and Mt Flume, Lincoln, NH. 2018-03-27. (Tuesday) Via Whitehouse Trail, Liberty Springs Trail, Franconia Ridge Trail. 20 dF +/- at the trailhead, 45 at the summit. Unbridled sunshine. Wind at summit was 2-4 knots. Just enough to stay cool whilst enjoying my summit feast. Trailhead: 0755; Liberty Summit: 1115; Flume Summit: 1210; Liberty Summit redux: 1320;  back at car: 1525. Quite frankly, it […]