Mt Bond

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Pictures: Bondcliff, Mt Bond, West Bond

These are some more of the photos from Thursday’s trip. If you’re hiking tomorrow (Sunday) I hope these help guide your expectations for the day. Don’t be put off by the clouds. A trip to the mountains is a beautiful day, no matter the extent of the view from the summit. The longest views were had later in the afternoon — I’d have missed them had I stayed home. Walking […]

Trip Report: Bondcliff, Mt Bond, West Bond.

Bonds are Breathtaking! Bondcliff, Mt Bond, West Bond. Lincoln, NH. 2019-03-14. (Thursday) Via Lincoln Woods trail, Bondcliff trail, West Bond spur. Approx 22 miles. 30 dF +/- at the trailhead, 40’s at the summit, with 4-8 MPH winds very occasionally gusting to 20. 30 dF back at car. Clouds/overcast all day. Trailhead: 0745; Bondcliff summit: 1300; Mt Bond: 1400; West Bond: 1500. Back at car: 2000. (12.25 hours.) 22 miles […]

Trip Report: Mt Hale, Mt Zealand, Mt Guyot, Mt Bond

Last of the month, an unexpected trifecta! Mt Hale, Mt Zealand, Mt Guyot, Mt Bond. 2018-05-31 (Thursday.) Via the Hale Brook Trail, Lend-A-Hand Trail, Twinway, Bondcliff Trail, Zealand Trail. Approx 22 miles. Hale: 4054, Zealand: 4260, Guyot: 4580, Bond: 4698 feet. 72-84 dF throughout the day. Winds in the 20-25 MPH range on Guyot and Bond, moderated on the other summits by tree cover. Sunny throughout the day, turning to […]