Pictures: Bondcliff, Mt Bond, West Bond

These are some more of the photos from Thursday’s trip. If you’re hiking tomorrow (Sunday) I hope these help guide your expectations for the day. Don’t be put off by the clouds. A trip to the mountains is a beautiful day, no matter the extent of the view from the summit. The longest views were had later in the afternoon — I’d have missed them had I stayed home. Walking out by moonlight was a treat. Not at all something to be feared, the night, with the moon overhead to watch over me, was as a velvet duvet, comforting in its quietude.

Looking toward Bondcliff was my reward at the end of the day.
Can’t see my objective from Lincoln Woods trail today.
Looking vaguely toward Mt Huntington across the East Branch of the Pemmigewasset River.
Looking up the Pemi. No view today? We’ll see!
Footbridge across Franconia Brook. It’s a doorway to another world.


Mt Garfield made an appearance. What a majestic looking peak!

Looking mainly south from Mt Bond. A sliver of a golden sky.
Looking southwest-ish from Bond. More gold.

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