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Trip Report: Up fast on Liberty, Cross fast on Flume

Mt Liberty and Mt Flume, Lincoln, NH. 2022-02-20. (Sunday) Via Whitehouse Trail, Liberty Springs Trail, Franconia Ridge Trail. Approx 8.7 miles. 15 dF +/- at the trailhead, 10 at the summit. Sunny to start, with rapidly closing high level clouds. Wind at Liberty and Flume summit was a light breeze to start. Back at Liberty on the return, the winds were brisk and bitter.  Trailhead: 1030; Liberty Summit: 1300; Flume […]

Kayaking! Skills Drill!

OK, so short and sweet this time. Today was spent kayaking with a friend. There wasn’t as much as I’d have liked, owing to weather (it turned out to be windier than expected, and clouds were looking a bit on the ornery side) but… skills! Notably, “What happens when things go sideways?” When you’re hiking, the risk of getting utterly soaked are fairly low unless it’s pouring with rain. But […]

Hiker Safety: Yes, You Can!

I’m going to get myself down to the bottom of this mountain,’” Stump recalled. Kati Weis, CBS Denver Picking over the bones of the news this morning, I saw a piece that resonated for perhaps obvious reasons. A hiker, near the summit of El Diente in Colorado (one of their 14 thousand-footers) fell and tumbled for about 60 feet. Then, hiked back to her car and drove herself to hospital. […]