North Twin Mountain

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Trip Report: Galehead Hut, by way of North Twin and South Twin Mountains.

It was a long day, and it was a wet day. But it was fulfilling type II fun, with the gift of lady slippers at the end. North and South Twin are hard, but very rewarding.

Trip Report: North and South Twin Mountain, Mt Guyot, and West Bond Mountain

A trio with twins? North and South Twin Mountain, Guyot, and West Bond Mountain. 2018-06-14 (Thursday.) Via the North Twin trail, North Twin spur, Twinway, Bondcliff trail, and West Bond spur. Approx 18 miles. North Twin, 4761 ft; South Twin, 4902 ft; Guyot, 4580 ft; West Bond, 4540 ft. 60 dF at trailhead, approx 50 dF at summits, 30-35 MPH winds, mediated by consistent tree cover on the trails. Mt […]