New video! An Autumn Hike up Mt Whiteface

I had plans to hike this week. A last jaunt to close out the month of March. But alas, it was not to be. I’ve been trying to ignore dealing with (more like suffering) an ingrown toenail the past couple-three weeks. Hiking uphill hasn’t been the tough part, apart from the obvious. On the descent, however, it was getting pretty unbearable. Insert your horror show adjectives here, and you’re right on the mark; nothing I tried was really fixing the problem. There was a confluence of that, plus the unseasonably warm weather that’s been laying waste to the trails… it just made sense to take this week off, and perhaps get ahead of the curve.

And so, what to do? Oh my, that question answered itself long ago. Of course, the simple answer is “catch up.” I’d been shooting video, but things off-trail had been busy, so the back burner got a little crowded. In hindsight, taking the week off was a rare gift. In editing video, you watch every minute several times over, and so I was able to revisit what turned out to be a particularly wonderful hike up Mt Whiteface. It was that moment that one finds in late autumn, when the conditions are on the knife’s edge between the two seasons. So much went right… the air was breathless with anticipation. It was a truly magical outing.

This, then, is my gift to you. Enjoy.

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As always, stay safe out there.

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