Preliminary Report: Southern Presidentials.

Jackson, Pierce, Eisenhower. 2020-11-10 (Tuesday)

Wow, it was beautiful out. A couple weeks ago, when I decided to decline my usual overtime this week, the gods must have noticed. Today, they were certainly smiling. To say the conditions were superlative is understating how stupendous they really were. It’s an extension of what we’ve been enjoying the past few days, but things kept getting better as the days passed. Today was the big one, for sure. So glad I didn’t have to be at work.

This was the super easy example of the truism, that a bad day on the trail is still better than the best day at work. (And I say this, even though I truly love my job.) It was fun-fun-fun in the sun-sun-sun, and temperatures that were more suited for August than November. On one hand, meteorologically it’s completely wrong, but on the other hand, I’ll take it, and make good use of it while it’s here. No sense in wasting a good day like this! 

I’m in the office tonight, so I won’t be able to properly prepare my usual trip report. But I had such a wonderful time that I wanted some of my photos to get out to you right away, so all of you could enjoy what I did today, even if it’s vicariously. Rest assured, there will be a more thorough accounting of the day, likely tomorrow afternoon. Stay tuned. 

As always, stay safe out there.

Looking across Saco Lake to the trail depot.
On Bugle Cliff, looking down Crawford Notch.
On Jackson, looking toward Washington, and a fine view of Oakes Gulf. Mitzpah hut is a speck, but visible.
On Pierce, with Eisenhower and Washington getting closer. The day started out clear, but clouds developed as the day wore on. Still, it remained very sunny throughout. Shirtsleeve weather at its finest.

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