Update and Thanks!

Here’s a quick update for those interested in little nuggets about Greeley Ponds and Timber Camp trails.

First, in the 27th through 30th editions of the White Mountain Guide, none makes more than a passing mention of the gravel bank located high up on the Timber Camp trail. When I see Steve Smith next, I’ll ask: I’m sure he of all people will know what’s up with that, or at least he’ll be able to offer an authoritative “it’s been like that forever.” And in the meantime, if I find anything in my usual state of research on the Whites, I’ll of course post. So stay tuned.

First part two, I looked at guides starting in 1972, and from there to the 26th edition (this being the first of the “large format” volumes, with the red spine) there’s no discrete entry for the Timber Camp trail, nor any mention in the Greeley Ponds trail description. That doesn’t necessarily mean anything other than it’s a recently formalized trail, but it’s an interesting tidbit.

Second, big thanks to Suzanne and to Beckie for their astute eyes in identifying the hobblebush. There’s a wikipedia page, of course. And Beckie, you got it, there’s an absolutely absurd number of painted trilliums in that area. Watch that space, because bluebead lilies (clintonia borealis) are coming out next. There are at least a thousand reasons to go hike that trail.

As always, stay safe out there.

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