Training Hike: Mt Monadnock

Via the White Dot Trail.

Trailhead: 1500. Summit: 1615. Car: 1730.

The trail was dry, the sun high. Blue skies held sway. What more? Ready, Steady, Hike!

I’m going to let the pictures tell the story on this one. There’s not much else to say, apart from bumping into someone I hadn’t seen in awhile, which was nice. The only outlier was some military C-130 aircraft buzzing the mountain while I was on my way down. On the one hand, they have to train. On the other, why when I’m enjoying a delightful reverie? Meh.

There was, now that I think about it, a couple notable hikers. One was a woman who hadn’t hiked in about 10 years. I passed her on my way up, and was concerned she threw in the towel when I didn’t see her behind me anymore. But I saw her on my way down, still plugging away, not far from the summit, going at her own pace, unwilling to yield, and about to summit. Awesome. Another was a woman who had meniscus surgery on her knee recently, and this was her first hike since then. I had the same surgery ages ago, but not so long ago that I’ve forgotten those tentative first steps back on the mountain. So seeing someone kicking ass post-surgery was inspiring.

Without further ado, here’s the photos I took today…

White Dot trailhead.
Heading up the White Dot. Rocky as always. And yet, those rocks are familiar friends. 
Some trail rehab. Stick to the rocks, folks!
Northern end of the Wapack range. North and Pack Monadnock.
Southern end of Wapack range. Temple, Holt, Burton…
Cairn on the White Dot trail.
Mt Monadnock Summit!

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