Thank you!

It’s been a bit over two weeks since I broke my ankle. Since then, many of you, my readers, have posted comments of warm wishes for a speedy recovery. It felt a little odd, just saying “Thanks” in reply to each of them. Too much like an assembly line, too machine-like. Not enough heart. I wanted there to be heart.

Just making sure you all know, none of that went unnoticed. Indeed, it was the high point of my day anytime I read them. Even now, looking back, it warms the cockles of my heart rather nicely.

Obviously, I’d prefer being out in the woods, rather than writing about things to do with being out in the woods. I’m sure many of you can’t wait, either. Every time someone mentions how my blog helped them plan for a hike, I smile. This is all for you.

The recovery is going about as well as it will, but by my doctor’s estimates, I’m still not yet at the halfway mark, and that’s not counting the rehab phase. I’m expecting there will be no shortage of some kind of physical therapy before everything is back in place.

In the meantime, life proceeds apace.

Thanks again for all the warm wishes. Know that I wish as much for you.

May the sun shine warmly, the wind blow gently, and may the views be superb.

(And as always, stay safe out there.)

I (heart) the White Mountains!

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