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Trip Report: Kearsarge

Fire tower #2 Mt Kearsarge, Wilmot, NH. 2018-30-05. (Wednesday) Via Barlow and Winslow trails.  Approx 3 miles roundtrip on trail, 3 hours.  70 dF. Sunny, with a light wind at the summit.  It was a great day for a hike. With plans to bag more peaks in the Whites in the near future, I didn’t want something strenuous, but I did want to take in a short mountain. Something a […]

Trip Report: Mt Carrigain

An unexpected pleasure.  Mt Carrigain, Livermore, NH. 2018-28-05. (Monday) Via Signal Ridge trail.  Approx 10 miles roundtrip on trail, plus 4 miles roundtrip traversing Sawyer River Road.  8 hours.  55 dF in the morning, with negligible winds. 65 by afternoon. Cloudy, with sunny breaks by late afternoon.  The mountain has a well deserved place as the final hike of many quests to bag the 48. I have little personal experience […]

Trip Report: Temple Mountain

A long walk in the woods. Temple Mountain, Temple, NH. 2018-21-05. (Monday) Via Wapack and Beebe trails.  Approx 7 miles. 3 hours.  75 dF, with negligible winds. Mostly sunny.  It was a nice day. I’d spent a day hiking Owl’s Head, then ran a half marathon a couple days later. I’m planning on hiking the Twins and the Bonds later this week. So I wanted to be outside without completely […]

Trip Report: Owl’s Head Mountain

Long. Slow. Oddly, interesting!  Owl’s Head Mountain, Lincoln, NH. 2018-17-05. (Thursday) Via Lincoln Brook Trail, Franconia Brook Trail, Owl’s Head Path, bushwhacks. Approx 18 miles.  50 dF +/- at the trailhead, 60 dF at summit, 70 dF +/- back at the car, with negligible winds. Overcast becoming mostly sunny by afternoon.  Trailhead: 0740; Summit; 1420; back at car: 1900. (11.3 hours.) In retrospect, I’m confused as to why this one […]

Gear Review: Insoles

De feet can defeat de feat!  I’d been having minor issues with foot pain recently. So after speaking with my doc about this, he suggested replacing the insoles in my boots with a more padded one. Feet can be weird. Something that’s being affected in one part of your foot can manifest as pain somewhere completely different. When you think about it, no matter how much weight you shave from […]

Shakeout Hike: Pack and North Pack Monadnock

Pack and North Pack Monadnock, via the Wapack Trail. Temple, NH.  75 dF, mostly sunny, light breeze.  3.7 miles; approximately 1 hour 45 minutes one-way.  Pack and North Pack with a new Pack. Last week’s trip to Eisenhower had a lingering effect. I’d fallen into a spruce trap and tweaked something in my foot. Not being one to slow down for something as trifling as a sports injury, I decided […]

Training Hike: Mt Monadnock

It was a nice day to get outside. Conditions were seasonably warm and sunny, with a light, cooling breeze that felt good. The parking lot showed enough cars for us to know we certainly wouldn’t be alone, but not so crowded as to suggest the trail would be mobbed. We hit the White Dot trailhead at around 10:00, and made our way up. In contrast to recent trips, this is […]

Trip Report: Mt Eisenhower

I Hiked Ike!  Mt Eisenhower, Bretton Woods, NH. Cinco de Mayo, 2018-05-05. (Saturday) Via Edmands Path, Mt Eisenhower Loop. Approx 6 miles.  50 dF +/- at the trailhead, 45 dF at summit, with 20-25 MPH winds gusting to 35. Partly sunny becoming mostly sunny by afternoon.  Trailhead: 0950; Summit; 1340; back at car: 1550. (6 hours.) It was, in fact, a great day to be outside. The Higher Summits Forecast […]

Trip Report: Mt Webster, Mt Jackson, Mt Pierce

Troika! (And the first of the Presidentials.)  Mt Webster, Mt Jackson, Mt Pierce, Crawford Notch, NH. May Day, 2018-05-01. (Tuesday) Via Webster-Jackson trail, Webster Branch, Webster Ridge trail, Crawford Path. Approx 9.4 miles.  38 dF +/- at the trailhead, 45 dF at Mt Jackson summit, with 10-12 MPH winds. Heavy, wet fog. A brief parting of the clouds at mid afternoon, then mainly cloudy for the rest of the trip.   […]