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Trip Report: Mt Mansfield

And so it begins again… Mt Mansfield Chin, 4,395 feet. Underhill, VT. With a hike along the ridge to the Forehead. 82 dF at trailhead, approx 88 dF at summit. Hazy to start, giving way to mostly sunny skies and 20 miles visibility. Breezy at summit — approximately 10-15 MPH. Via Eagle Cut trail, CCC road, Sunset Ridge trail, Long Trail, and Halfway House trail. Trailhead: 1020, The Chin: 1300, […]

Training Hike: Pack Monadnock

27 June, 2018. Via the Marion Davis and Wapack trails. The unexpected consequence of finishing the 48 was that I felt more than a bit disjointed. I had a sense that something like this would happen — anyone who’s done something big and long-term like this (maybe a wedding, or school, or an all-consuming project at work) knows that often, you just need to sit on the sofa for a […]

Training Hike: Mt Monadnock

It was a nice day to get outside. Conditions were seasonably warm and sunny, with a light, cooling breeze that felt good. The parking lot showed enough cars for us to know we certainly wouldn’t be alone, but not so crowded as to suggest the trail would be mobbed. We hit the White Dot trailhead at around 10:00, and made our way up. In contrast to recent trips, this is […]