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Trip Report: Carter Dome

Carter Dome, Gorham, NH. 2019-02-16. (Saturday) Via 19 Mile Brook trail, Carter Dome trail. 25 dF +/- and partly cloudy. Wind at summit was 10-25 knots. Even in the trees, winds approached 5-8 knots at times. Trailhead: 1000; Carter Dome summit: 1400; back at car: 1730. This was a weird one. I don’t know whether there was a thing going on, but I noticed all week long, whenever I went […]

What’s up with the weird post earlier?

A slightly unusual thing happened today after I got off the mountain. My email subscribers might have noticed a bit of a wrinkle in the fabric of space-time, as they say. A glitch in the Matrix, as some others may say. “Huh?” as everyone else might mutter. (For that last group, I nixed the post when it became obsolete.) I met a wonderful group of people this afternoon. A couple […]