Trip Report: A Warm Autumn Afternoon on Mt Moriah

Mt Moriah (4,049 feet). Gorham, NH. 2020-11-05 (Thursday.) Via Stony Brook, and Carter-Moriah Trails, and the summit spur. 10 miles round-trip, approx 3,100 feet elevation gain. 45 dF at the trailhead, 60 dF at the summit. Winds were negligible in the trees, about 10-15 knots at the summit. Sun, with a few clouds throughout.  (Note: MW-Obs called for winds of 45-65 MPH with gusts up to 80 MPH on the […]

Literary Hiking: Books that have informed my hiking in New Hampshire and beyond.

Do books make a better hiker, or does hiking make a better hiker? Perhaps the answer is closer to “a little of both, really.” Like any good soup, there’s a lot that goes into the pot, along with more than a little stirring and some time spent simmering. But surely, this can be boiled down a little, no? Indeed it can. My hiking bookshelf has dozens of volumes, but there are […]

Photos: Wildcat D & A

The Wildcats are fun, but most people know them from the “front” side. What are they like from the other side? Awesome!